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We are launching a number of sites at the heart of Britain’s industrial and consumer supply chains. These opportunities are ideally suited for port-centric manufacturing and logistics.

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Drax Power Station

The design and build of dedicated storage and handling facilities at Humber ports

Drax Power Station — Immingham & Hull


investment in the world’s largest renewable fuels terminal


Drax Power’s drive to switch its power generators from coal to the more environmentally-friendly use of biomass, required an investment from ABP in new storage and handling facilities at both Immingham, one of the world’s largest renewable fuels terminal, and at the Port of Hull.  


In order to facilitate the change in feedstock, ABP invested £130m in the design and build of the the world’s largest reception facility for biomass cargo; the Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal, along with new storage and handling facilities at Hull, taking ABP’s investment up to £150m. The work at Immingham also included upgrading the rail link from the terminal direct to the Drax power station, helping reduce transfer times from four to two hours.

ABP will continue to invest in order to develop the terminal facilities required to support Drax's operations. 

Andy Koss Drax Power

We are building a really good working relationship with ABP. What we are really seeing – now we have three units on biomass – is the supply chain kick on. We have six million tonnes of throughout capacity a year at Immingham, what we are looking at is pushing that to the limit, to see if we can hit the theoretical limits.