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HMS Cambria

HMS Cambria — Cardiff Bay, Cardiff

£11 million

investment in Wales


The Royal Navy and the Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association for Wales (RFCA) recognised the need to update and consolidate its disparate training centres, ideally in a location that provides easy access for its personnel and reservists.

ABP Property will work with in partnership with the Royal Navy and the RFCA to design and build a bespoke 4,569 sq m 21st-century, state-of-the-art training facility for the Royal Navy on a prime waterfront site in Cardiff Bay. 


The completed building, which will include photovoltaic roof panels, will improve training and operational efficiency by unifying the separate facilities of the Royal Navy Reserves, Royal Marine Reserves, and University Royal Navy Unit and has been designed to incorporate future building and personnel expansion as required. 

The Royal Navy is a powerful entity with a proud heritage and requires a strong identity to project into the future. The building has been designed to exemplify its unique combination of land, air and sea capabilities merged into a single flexible and dynamic force. 

Colonel Nick Beard Chief Executive, RFCA for Wales

This will be a state-of-the-art build which will locate three units in the same building, providing value for money and scope for expansion and further development in the future.