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Carnival UK

A multi-million pound project to upgrade Southampton's cruise facilities

Carnival UK — Southampton

£5 million

QEII Cruise Terminal upgrade


ABP Port of Southampton and Carnival UK joined forces to invest £5m in improvements to the QEII Cruise Terminal for the benefit of all Carnival cruise brands. The work ensures that the city retains its title as the UK’s top cruise port and continues to provide the very best customer experience as passenger numbers continue to grow. 

This project follows the signficant investment made by ABP to upgrade the City Cruise Terminal in conjuction with Royal Carribean Cruise Line at the Ocean Cruise Terminal, as well as the Mayflower Cruise Termnial which opened in 2015 after a £6m revamp. 

Alistair Welch, ABP Port Director, Southampton, said: “The number of cruise passengers coming through Southampton’s port continues to rise. It’s therefore vital that we ensure our facilities are in the very best shape to accommodate these passengers and that they are laid out in a way that gives people a seamless and stress-free start to their holidays.” 


This investment has enabled a greater range of cruise ships to utilise the terminal with brand new technology, improving both passenger flow and experience. 

Steven Young Director of Port Services and Government Affairs, Carnival UK

We are delighted that these works, following on from recent improvements to both the Ocean and Mayflower cruise terminals, will give our guests a consistent and improved experience regardless of the terminal at which they join or leave the ship.